What Does the ‘T’ in T-Shirt Stand For

A t-shirt, as the name suggests is in the form of a T by having a straight body with sleeves at the top. Similar forms are worn under the shirts and are also available with sleeves making it look similar but since it lacks the sleeves that form the T. The origin of the term may be from the alphabat T and it may also be a short form of Training as it was worn by the sailors and marines for their training. That gave the term Training shirt and its short form T shirt. The Tshirts were introduced by the United States Navy in early 20th century. These were primarily introduced to cover the chest hair of the sailors under their jumpers. The sleeveless undergarments worn by the civilians were refereered to as singlet. These were finally introduced for civilian use in the 1930s when civilians could also buy them. The first mass production of T-Shirts for civilians was started in 1938.

It was originally called the gob aterm used for sailor in the United States Navy. This was originally sold for the civilians to be worn as outer garment as opposed to it being an inner garment for the sailors. These were also adopted by the marines who wore them as outer garment in white. This made them easy targets for enemies so they started dying them to give them coffee and mud color. This lead to the development of the standard tshirt colors for marines as seen today.

Typically Tshirts are button less, sleeves are short and there are no collars. A collared version of t shirt is called polos. The T shirts are typically made from cotton or the mixture of cotton and manmade fibers. These are worn by people of all age groups and are suited to every type of body shape. They are easy to fit, breathe easy in summers so comfortable, easy to clean and maintain and are inexpensive. These has lead to its demand soaring among every class and age of people. Their fame has lead to growth in forms and colors to the Tshirts. People add prints to give individuality to the Tshirts. The Tshirts can also be found with Religious words on them to attract masses. They can contain some chants from Sanskrit, the word ohm, sign of cross, or names of lord in them. Whatever the color or design or printing be there in them, they are cool, they are fun and most importantly make you feel light and that’s why they are in.