What Happened at Chernobyl

The incident at Chernobyl is considered to be the worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind. It was in the year 1986 that the nuclear power plant in Ukraine SSR gave away due to some malfunctioning leading to powerful explosions spitting out nuclear waste into the atmosphere. It is said that the radioactive substance that was spit to the atmosphere still has its impact on the life of people in Ukraine and other parts of Europe. The disaster is termed as a level 7 disaster and till now only two disasters of this level have taken place in the history of mankind, the other being the Fukushima nuclear disaster.



The main reason for the disaster in Chernobyl is said to be the inappropriate handling of power into the reactor, which led to rapid increase in power that was supplied leading to explosion of a few reactors in the nuclear reactor 4. This led to large amount of radioactive substance being emitted into the atmosphere, leading to hazardous impact on the population of the city, Pripyat. The impact of the disaster was so high that casualties were seen in the neighboring countries too. The reports on the number of deaths due to the aftermath of the nuclear disaster show that at least lakh deaths were caused. The numbers however, vary from one report to the other, thus, making it difficult to get an account of the exact number of deaths that occurred due to the blast. It would be worth noting here that, the number of casualties that are shown by all the reports do not include the number of employees who died in the disaster.


The deadly nature of the disaster can be estimated from the fact that well over 500000 employees were put to work constantly, to reduce the ill effects of the disaster and the loss  that was caused to the national economy after the loss pushed Soviet Union into an economic crisis. Thus, it took lot of time for the country to get out of the damage that was caused to their economy and national income due to the blast. The impact of the explosion is said to have worsened due to the exposure of the combustible graphite moderator to air. This caused the moderator catch fire, leading to more dire consequences. The failure of an attempted experiment is said to have been the main reason for the Chernobyl disaster. Large number of deaths due to cancer is said to have taken place in the years following the disaster due to the harmful radiations in the atmosphere.

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