What is 3G Mobile Broadband

This whole concept of 3G mobile broadband is composed of two conceptual words:”3G” and ”Broadband”. A broadband, as the name suggests. Is a broader band of digital signals or telecommunication signals which makes data transfer rate increase its speed. Large chunks of data can be transferred in the shortest possible time as the signal realization takes place quickly due to increases bandwidth. A bandwidth again is the total capacity of data communicated in bits/second. Now if I have to say that you deserve a speed better than this? That’s what surprises the mass. Yes and this is fulfilled by the concept of 3G.

The International telecommunication Union, a specialized agency of the United Nations passed certain standards of speed control by the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) specifications and that’s how 3G or the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunication came into existence. Followed by the first generation of 80’s of 800 MHz of frequency band and the second generation of CDMAs, 3G was adopted in 40 countries by 2007.CDMA2000 and W-CDMA are the two standards opted by 3G service providers. So now gone is the time when researchers would only dream about information at your fingertips. As you walk or as you talk Google is always there to find a solution for you or even to direct you the way you have to go.

3G mobile broadband makes it easier. Till now the data transfer rate of the data communicated has not been specified by the International telecommunication Union of UN either to the users or to the service providers. But while specifying for the service ITU had mentioned a data transfer rate of 2mbit/second for a walking person and few bytes for a person travelling in a car or so. The advantage of 3G is its high security network. You could never impersonate this fast network and hackers could not even use a sniffer to manipulate the network. It takes fraction of a second to check your mail or to contact your friend online with this service.

The only drawback and you could say the most major drawback that still hinders its adoption in the market is the price. Due to high cost of the technology its adoption rate has gone low. Certain issues pertaining to the signal strength and its harmful effect on infants gives it another hit back to be adopted easily by the mass. Rest 3G mobiles are in and it’s useful in every aspect of it.

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