What is a 100 Day Cough

A 100 day cough is also called whooping cough or pertussis. It is caused due to bacteria that are called as Bordetella pertussis bacteria. It is the infection of the respiratory system. It causes the infected person to cough severely and it ends with a whooping sound when a person breathes. This cough can lasts for several weeks to months and that is why it is called as a 100 day cough. It usually starts with a sore throat. Within the time period of 2-3 days it becomes dry and irritant cough and then it can take a serious turn over the period of 7-10 days. Its symptoms are more of like common cold. This cough can be accompanied with fever and runny nose. Fever can range from mild to severe. But usually fever is mild and it is limited up to 1 week of cough only. Major symptoms start from the second week of the cough which can include vomiting, severe coughing, facial congestion and a feeling of suffocation.

Sometimes the person feels that he is perfectly fine but on the next day, he again starts feeling the same symptoms. Sometimes, the person becomes unable to breathe in after the cough and starts getting blue. The person can even faint as well. However, the person recovers within sometime. In case of infants and children, the symptoms are slightly atypical as they might not cough or produce the whooping sound at all. But some of the older children might cough or produce the whooping sound. The coughing can be so bad that it becomes difficult for the child to eat, breathe and to drink something. The condition can be very annoying and painful sometimes.

But fortunately, whooping cough can be prevented through the vaccination. The infants should be given the vaccination as soon as possible. It is mostly given in the combination with diphtheria and tetanus. The children who are not vaccine to prevent this are at the higher risk of getting infected with this disease. Even if one of siblings have got this disease, the another sibling is extremely prone to the risk of getting this disease if he has not suffered from this disease or is not vaccine against it. The infants who are on breast feed are less prone to this disease but still they should be given the vaccination. If you or your child is suffering from this disease, then the treatment is possible with the antibiotics. The consultation with the doctor is very important if you have chronic cough.

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