What is a Baby Shower

It is well known fact that baby showers were initially given away for the first born child. They were started with the intention to share the knowledge among women, the art of learning to become a mom. Nevertheless with the passage of time, it became a common formality for subsequent children and adopted children as well. It is an event initially attended by women. Later, with the passage of time and as things started taking a different turn, it came to be attended by men as well.

The name baby shower implies that the event relates to a child, or a baby, and the term shower is more attributed to the meaning that the new mom is showered with gifts. Mostly, baby showers are hosted by a close friend or a relative of the family and in a few occasions by the new to-be-mom. It is mostly considered a rude attitude to beg for gifts by the family themselves and hence it is customary for a friend or a relation to conduct the event. In a few cultures it is customary for the grand mom to host the event and more.

There is no such hard and fast rule for conducting the event and the guests who attend the event are actually decided by the host. Should a baby shower be conducted after the baby is born, the baby is brought to the event as well. Mostly baby showers include food after the event. Although not a full course of meal, it includes crunchies and other tidbits to be munched upon.

There are a humpty number of ideas to conduct a baby shower. The baby shower event can be more general, a common celebration sort, or relate to a specific theme or an idea. Besides setting up a specific theme, the cakes and cookies offered can also be crafted to a specific design that relates to the event. Say for instance, you can design a cake that resembles a baby and bake cookies that deliver the theme of the event.

Baby shower games are yet another lovely aspect of the baby shower event. There are many such games to be played and depending on the number of visitors, the host can decide on the type and the number of games to be played. The games are simple, but carry away prizes for the winners and showers of gifts for the to-be-mom. Besides that, they add a moment of spark and excitement to the mom and thus make the event livelier than ever. The baby shower event commonly demands a little fun, which is imparted by such games to it. Nevertheless, besides all the factors, baby showers are essentially an important and lovely event in each mom’s life. 

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