What Is a Backset

The accessories related door includes all the parameters that can define the aspects of technicality involved with doors. One such parameter is Backset commonly used in many countries. The backset means the exact distance involved between edges of door from the lock’s location on door. The use of these particular dimensions is made for all types of locks available in market. Some of the popular lock sets are mortise locks, handle sets, deadbolts and cylindrical locks. In all types of doors used around the world, the locations of lock may vary depending on parameters like shape, size and pattern of door.

Distance from central line that starts from lockset to any particular edge of door forms the backset.  The reason behind such concept comes from the fact that majority of holes in the door are installed using the drilling system. Now in this case the central line that is accounted from the point of bored hole is taken like reference to measure the distance or backset. Correct measurement of backset should never account from the edge of any door rather it should initiate from lockset or from the centre of the handle that is installed in door. The parameter of lock backset has its own importance, as every owner requires it to order the doors as per their requirement and interest.

New doors are prepared after information of backset and locks just to ensure proper drilling of holes in the door as per locks. This preparation of installing the lockset accounts after having the exact and proper measurements of distance involved between two points. Majority of locks are designed in such a way to support unique backset dimension. In case false or improper measurements are provided the door will not account for proper locking. The lock will either cross the limit or lockset will lack in closing with the hole and both these situations will not mark the closing or locking of door.

In countries such as Canada and US, the backset is given certain parameters and specifications and the two popular dimensions are 2-3/4 inches for the doors used for commercial purpose and the dimension of 2-3/8 inches for doors used for home based purpose. With advancement of technology, certain locks have come in market with variable adjustment knob or switch that can increase and decrease the length depending on the requirement. This particular backset can fit in several types of doors and anyone can control it with the help of hand to adjust the length. Although this specific, type of backset and are very rare so you need to take precautions while preparing the locks for your new doors.