What is a Bandwidth Limit

A Bandwidth is basically the amount of data actually transferred over a fixed period of time between a computers and internet. It is often measured in MB or GB. A bandwidth limit can be exceeded or lacked behind as it depends upon the amount of data transferred over a network. It is the limit, when reached; then accessing the internet does not work. As the data transfer is mostly calculated on a monthly basis, the monthly limit if crossed or the total amount of data that the user visited by viewing or downloading from the web site does not work if bandwidth limit is reached.

An Internet Service provider sells the plans based upon the speeds, and hence limits bandwidth to certain extent according to the plans. The more the bandwidth the service provider will be providing, more the rate or price of the plan will be. More bandwidth means the connection will be much faster. A Bandwidth Limit Exceeded normally occur when the user have a low bandwidth limit i.e. data or speed transfer and a popular site or if the user is accessing the sites which needs more bandwidth speed than he or she is having then the user have exceeded the bandwidth capacity.

Bandwidth limiting happens when any server attempts to limit the amount of bandwidth that a given service may use. For e.g. the Internet Service Providers (ISP) limits the bandwidth usage of common Bit Torrent clients on their network. This can also be done by setting up the things on the router where the outbound traffic can be prioritized over others which mean that the HTTP requests or data or e-mails, etc. will be outbound long before others’ computer is able to make requests to download files or stream videos etc…

If the user wants to watch his or her bandwidth then he or she should consider installing a bandwidth monitor. Many of these programs are also available free of cost over the internet and keep on running and displays real time connection speeds in parallel. In these, the maximum bandwidth limit can be set by the users and the users are then alarmed by these bandwidth monitors if the limit exceeds that point mentioned by the user. Thus this allows the user to be aware of the bandwidth and utilize bandwidth in an efficient way.

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