What is a Beta Version

A beta version is basically a test version of a software program and hence is still in the testing phase and being tested by a number of users or developers. It’s a stage where mostly all planned features have been integrated, tested and the software is released to a broader audience to gather feedback. This feedback is based on the usability and system specific problems and bugs.

It is released when the developers think that it is probably bug- free, but they are not 100% sure. So this test version is released. Sometimes the test version is open to the public, sometimes just to a select group. A beta version can be better since it has new features and bug fixes but at the same time it might contain new problems which are or were not present in a previous release.

As a user, if a beta version of a program is downloaded then it should be kept in mind that some problems can be encountered as it is a test version. These problems are generally isolated to the program, but it may accidentally cause damage to other software on the computer. Beta Version is definitely better than the alpha version as it undergoes a cycle of bug fixing. Alpha version describes a development status that usually means the first complete version of a program or application, which is most likely unstable, but is useful to show what the product will do. In this testing is done by selected group of developers while the beta version is usually the last version before wide release.

Testing of a beta version is sometimes conducted by an independent tester outside of the company developing the product. It is useful in having an idea of the website that approximately how many users will be using this site. A number of advance users can be invited and would be able to test all the functionalities of the website as well. By doing this, the issues can be sorted out which the users might encounter and then the actual public launch can be made possible.

Thus a Beta version helps in launching a product which is made bug fee after testing and helps the developers or the company to launch their product in an effective way in front of the users.

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