What is a Birthmark

The port wine stains that are internationally famous identities for some celebrities and icons are just a kind of birth mark. It could be said as an irregularity right on the top of the skin surface. The best example is Mr. Michael gorbochev, the well known figure all over the world. Many of us would have noticed the port wine stains on his head. There are two ways in which one could acquire this irregularity.  One is right from the birth itself. While the other type is acquiring the birthmark just shortly after the individual is born. It could be anywhere on the skin of the individual. For some people it could be in the face to be visible for the others prominently. For some others it could be in different parts of the body. It is basically a brown, blue, white patch or black on the skin.

There is not any area that could be referred as the dominant portion of the human body to display the birth mark in most number of cases. Still, there are a lot of people that have such scars in the stomach region, while some in the back and many in the face as well. Almost one in every other ten babies is developing a vascular birthmark well within a year or so. Moles are also irregularities in the skin. These are also a type of birthmark. These come under the pigmented birthmarks. There are two categories in the birthmarks fundamentally based on which the irregularities in the bodies are classified easily.

Excessive pigments in the skin would lead to the occurrence of moles on the surface of the skin in different parts of the body. It happens in the early years of the kid itself and in some cases it could eventually develop over the years as well.  The size and shape of the irregularity is purely dependent upon the quantum of excessive pigmentation in the skin and there is not any specific shape or size that is defined. Still most of them are spherical to a certain extent. 

Mongolian spots could also be categorized under the same group as that of the moles. It also arises just out of excessive pigmentation on the skin.  The overgrowth of the blood vessels could also lead to the occurrence of birthmarks in the individuals in certain cases.  Similarly, melanocytes could also lead to the occurrence of the birth marks in the individuals. There are so many other contributors as well. Smooth muscle could be a reason.

Keratinocytes could be a reason and many more. When you are witnessing the red marks, then it is due to the increased growth of the blood vessels in the confined area.  Birthmarks could arise for so many such reasons but yet the exact reason why they occur in some of the people so strongly is not yet known so far. It is one of the strongest mysteries of the nature all now. Researchers are being conducted in the field currently since so many years now, to unravel the mystery behind the huge birthmarks in the individuals. Vascular birthmarks are found not be originating as a hereditary issue.