What is a Bivy

Bivy is a frivolous security device normally used for outdoor camping. Bivy-sackor must be large enough so that it can adjust in sleeping bag and provide excess safety from bad weather. Manufacturers use a wide range of raw materials as well as fabrics for preparing Bivy. It is very important to consider waterproof capabilities of fabric when you are planning to purchase a Bivy. During backpacking or hiking, lightweight materials can bring noticeable difference. Bivy can weigh less than groundsheet of tent. Material used for the Space blanket should be good enough to breathe in order to eradicate condensation and waterproof to avoid from getting damp. Bivy of good quality allows you to add extra layers on the top of sleeping bags. Your Bivy should have enough space so that it can store extra gear.

Normally, Bivy should also have loops that can prevent it from strong winds and worst weather conditions. You can also purchase Bivy with attached hoods. Usually, hood is large enough in comparison to small pillows and other tools like flashlight and water bottle. Hood can also be prepared from mosquito defiant material. You can also use net attached on both sides using Velcro and zipper in order to create resistance from mosquitoes. Bivy also serves as an excellent option to affix warmth if you are sleeping in open area. You can use Bivy in case of emergency as well. Bivy guarantees protection from torrential downpours. Bivy offers more benefits when you find some shelter before its use. Sometimes, hospitals also bring space blankets in use during surgery. Many reputed companies manufacture Bivy as well as space blankets of standard quality. People thinks that new manufacturers of Bivy are not trustworthy but they are not aware of the fact many such companies are introducing augmented version of Bivy.

In order to survive in an open space for a long while, it becomes compulsory to cover all the items before leaving. It is very important to wear space suit while wandering in space for any motive, as it offers protection from harmful effects. Space blanket is a type of space suit that is very slim made from thin sheet of plastic accompanied by coated layer of aluminum that is a typical dress of astronomers. The best part is space suit enable astronomers to maintain heat if weather is very cold. It is advisable to carry a medical kit when you are planning an adventurous trip. Because of its implausible compact qualities, astronomers use it for different purposes. Cost of original space blanket is not so high but if you will purchase improved version of space blanket, it can cost you more than the actual price. There is no doubt that maximum numbers of buyers prefer enhanced version of Space Blanket.