What Is a Black Comedy

Black Comedy is primarily a movie that includes a taboo or a controversial subject matter. The movie discusses controversial/taboo subject matter in a humorous approach. A black comedy discusses sardonic/sarcastic dialogue in order to remove preconceived notions about the controversial issue. There is least doubt about the fact that the primary definition of black humor is problematic. A general argument states that the definition of black humor corresponds to the previously defined gallows humor. A few subjects are too morbid or taboo to gain recognition as the basic theme of a traditional comedic film.

Films with Morbid Storyline

A prime example is of course ‘The realities of warfare’. ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and ‘M*A *S*H*’ have successfully portrayed the subject of warfare with unmistakably dark humor. M*A*S*H* is perhaps the most successful television situation comedy. This film version of M*A*S*H* has successfully depicted the Korean War as the subject of black comedy. The film made a deliberate effort to record recorded laughter outside the operating room sequences as well.  

Understand Underlying Concept of Black Comedy

One needs to understand the fact that it is not always mandatory that a black comedy should always have a morbid/heavy tone. In most times, humor primarily arises from straightforward characters. The straightforward characters are generally placed in traditional controversial and bleak circumstances. The characters generally do not posses clear idea about the fact that the occupations and lifestyles are legally and morally questionable by audiences. It is necessary to bear in mind that a black comedy does not always try to cover up the darker aspect. It primarily focuses on a few aspects that allow it to concentrate on the darker subject matter.

Areas of Black Comedy Application

The underlying concept of black comedy holds its effect in a few area of television broadcasting. Black comedy strives to retain the serious tone as well. A few areas where black comedy finds its due recognition include:

  • Satirical Films
  • Dramatic Films
  • Video Games
  • Television Shows
  • Tool of Different Films

One of the prime examples of black comedy is perhaps the film Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Strangelove was primarily composed by Stanley Kubrick and has gained recognition as one of the best examples of black comedy. The above-mentioned film mainly covered the subject of nuclear warfare and depicted the complete annihilation of life on Earth. Under normal circumstances, subjects of nuclear warfare are treated with gravity and seriousness. The subject of Dr. Strangelove is instead beautifully depicted to create laughs. Black comedy primarily strives to highlight a few aspects as highlighted below:

  • Employs Humor Known as Dark Humor
  • Employs Humor Similar to Morbid Humor
  • Used as a tool for Exploring Vulgar Issues
  • Provokes Serious Thought and Discomfort

The main purpose of a black comedy is to project the serious issues/topics/events including murder, violence, disease, child abuse, rape, war, terrorism and drug abuse in a sarcastic manner. The underlying tragedy subject matter is kept as usual. It is necessary to keep the underlying concept of black comedy true while depicting the scenarios of grave importance.