What Is a Black Tie Affair

A black tie affair is generally the name gives to those social gatherings where all present are expected to turn up in their formal attire. Every one attending must try and stick to the dress code in order to make the gathering look like a black tie affair. One must try and choose the appropriate formal attire taking in consideration the time of the gathering, the season and the nature of the event, a black tie affair is no event in itself but makes an occasion more intense when everyone complies to the code of dress, it is supposed to be a strictly formal occasion and semi-formal attire for both women and men is uncalled for. For men, the scope of attire for a black tie affair is very limited in the real sense only limited to the traditional black tuxedo, though trends in fashion have changed the tuxedo as well in terms of color and its cut but it doesn’t affect the black tie affair at all because for the black tie affair the tuxedo should be black.

The tuxedo can be matched with a simple black tie mostly a bow, and a clipped bow is discouraged and it doesn’t go with the intensity of the event and hence a bow tied with hand and a cummerbund that goes with the dress of his date would be splendid. When it comes to women and a black tie affair, women have much more liberty than men enjoy in terms of the dress to be worn, the prerequisite being that the dress or the skirt should be of floor length as anything shorter is considered to be semi-formal. In terms of color, women can choose any color of their choice that goes appropriately with the nature and the time of the occasion.

Women can also wear something that is more revealing like a noodle strip dress or an off shoulder full dress. A black tie affair is generally the theme of certain occasions that hold a very high importance to the ones who are attending and the ones hosting it, such events can be a Graduation party, formal weddings or even a award night. The more the people try to stick to the dress code of the black tie affair, the more it adds to the flamboyance and glamour of the party. Such parties are great to be a part of, and honor too. So next time you planning on a party that hold a huge importance to your life, try making it a black tie affair and let it take care of the rest itself.