What is a Bladder Tumor

What is a Bladder Tumor?

Bladder is an organ, hollow in nature, situated in the lower abdomen part which accumulates and stores urine produced by the kidney. 

Some of the causes of bladder tumor include smoking, urinary tract infections or working in chemical or rubber or dye industries.  As chemicals can cause harm to health, it is always important to consider a regular advice of a doctor who can offer medical help in preventing the occurrence of bladder tumor.

Bladder tumor occurs when there is excessive reproduction of cells and tumors can be either cancerous or non-cancerous and some times the tumors can spread to other organs through blood stream.

It is also stated that when infections are caused in urinary tract, it may result in tumor and when bacteria or parasitic infection occurs, this may also lead to the cause of tumor in bladder.

Some of the important symptoms include back pain or abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, necessity to pass the urine frequently. But in order to ensure proper functioning of bladder it is always recommended to follow good diet practice and consider at least 10-20 glasses of water per day.

This is because as the water is a natural cleanser, especially for urinary track system water is the main source of its functioning, it will surely eliminate all the waste that is collected and will ensure proper regularization of cells in bladder.

The foods must include milk and other dairy products that will keep your system neat and clean.  It is also recommended to fast at least once in a week if you are above the above 50 years and this will further enhance the maintenance and functioning of the bladder system.

Depending on the advice of the doctor, you should consider proper medication and treatment in order to get rid of bladder tumor. Because of the advancements made in medical technology, all tumors can be removed and it is also much easier to recover from post operative care.

Keeping in view of the all natural resources of food it is always recommended to opt for best food habits and best diet maintenance apart from giving up the habit of smoking, alcohol and also follow the healthy habits of regular exercise, timely meals and plenty of rest.  The main aim is to keep the digestive system quite perfect in its functioning and this is achieved only when your diet habits are proper and also when healthy diet is taken on a regular basis.  This can surely bring good benefits of preventing the occurrence of tumors.

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