What is a Blue Collar Worker

The concept of a blue collar worker is quite old. For the fact, the concept got momentum from the very early days of unskilled labor. Initially, a blue collar worker was identified with the color of his clothes. But, with time, it only became a symbolic representation.

In general, the term blue collar worker is used to represent those persons in the society who are middleclass skilled laborers. They may work in an independent setting or in an industrial set-up. There was a time, when these workers really used to wear blue color shirts and denims. But, now-a-day, this kind of color is not strictly adhered to. In the early days, it was done to clearly classify the ranks of various individuals. The concept was mainly popular in the western countries rather than in theAsiaand other continents.

By nature, the blue collar workers are quite hard-working in nature. They can work for long hours without any refreshment or break. They are capable of tolerating extreme physical pain in order to accomplish their tasks and make the management happy. But, they are very much ethical too. They don’t cheat others in general and don’t expect others to cheat them. They are emotionally vulnerable to provocation. Most of them feel that they could have done better in their lives. At times, they repent for their middle-class status. They always dream to earn more and dream higher than others.

One needs some form of basic education to become a blue collar worker. But for some specific blue collar works, one might need to go for a college degree too. In general, blue collar workers are found to be associated with one or other union.

The social status of the blue collar workers is different from one country to another. In the developed countries a blue collar worker earns more compared to one working in a developing or underdeveloped country. Moreover, in the developed countries, such workers are socially more acceptable than the ones working in the third world countries.

Blue collar workers are generally paid in a per hour basis calculation; though, it tends to vary in different parts of the world. Of late, there have been a lot of positive developments for this class of workers as various human rights groups are coming up with new ideas and proposals to safeguard their rights in a systematic and democratic manner. Moreover, legislation is also taking a lot of reformative steps to help them live a life free of fear of any kind. But, still, a lot needs to be done for the overall growth and development of the blue collar workers. There can’t be any doubt about that. 

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