What Is a Boar Bristle Brush

There are many types of brushes used in the hair industry today ranging from synthetic to natural hair brush. Among the many types of hair brushes is a Boar Bristle hair brush which is made from wild boar hair thus deriving its name  from the animal  whose bristles goes in to making the it. The brush is marketed as a natural brush against the other synthetic brushes that are in the market. Synthetic brushes are usually made of plastic and they are less absorbent which makes them less efficient in distributing hair oils. To get a good distribution of hair oils especially for people who have some considerable length of hair one needs to invest in a good boar bristle brush.

When one is selecting the kind of brush that is appropriate for their hair they need to consider the length and thickness of their hair. Very thick hair may be too much for soft brushes such as boar brushes hence plastic could do a better job with such hair. On the other hand plastic and metal brushes are not ideal for soft and short hair as they tend to break it and cause more harm to such hair than good. Boar brushes are very ideal if the hair in question is oily and also very fine which may include normal hair. The natural fibers in the boar brush helps in distributing oils from the top of the head down to the hair ends which most of the times are the driest parts of the hair.

Boar brushes come in all sizes and types hence one can have a wide range of choice depending on their needs. The shape of the brushes can be oval, rectangular, paddle or round; their handles are often wooden thus adding to the natural feeling of the brush. One can get ideal boar brushes for both infants and adults depending on what the client requires. Some synthetic handles also exist for those who prefer to mix the natural and the synthetic. The handles are usually dark or light in color while the bristles are either blond or brown with dark pigment.

Most of the time the shape of the boar brushes determines the function of the brush, oval types are often multipurpose while the round boar brushes are used to style and shape together with blow dryers. Rectangular brushes are often used to increase the hair volume while the square and the paddle brushes are mostly used to create smoothness and give hair the shine needed to make it look healthy and neat. Boar brushes have always been used by both men and women in styling their hair, the bristles and the natural handles adds to the beauty of the brush thus making it a preferred choice unlike many other synthetic types.