What is a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel is, by definition, a small and intimate hotel, offering personalized services to its guests. It can have all the modern amenities like a mainstream hotel but is focused on giving an intimate experience to each of its guests.

 The concept of boutique hotels first emerged in 1980s in cities like London, New York, San Francisco. The first of this kind of hotel named Morgans was opened in New York in 1984 by entrepreneurs Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell. It was Rubell who gave the term Boutique Hotel to the world. Now, boutique hotels are not just poplar in USA and Europe but even in Far East countries like Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

People are now looking for hotels that offer something beyond comfort and convenience. All branded hotels offer that but what they lack is the personal touch. Boutique hotels provide a cozier and warmer setting than any other large chain hotel. Boutique hotels are also sometimes referred to as Lifestyle hotels or design hotels. The hotel could be a chic, up- market hotel or it could be based on a rustic theme, but to qualify as a Boutique hotel, it must offer something “unique”.

While some say that the size of the hotel does matter for it to be a boutique hotel; there are many others who do not agree on that. But typically, boutique hotels are smaller in size as compared to any mainstream hotel. They can have 30 to 100 rooms but there are many boutique hotels in the world with over 500 rooms.

The target customers for Boutique hotels are urban youth with high incomes. Depending on the location, a boutique hotel can cater to honeymooners, families on a vacation or business professionals equally.

Atmosphere at a boutique hotel is always more intimate than a chained hotel, which ensures a memorable stay to the guests. This is one thing which distinguishes a boutique hotel from a mainstream one; personalized services.    

Most people are looking for a different and niche property. When it comes to architecture, design and theme of boutique hotels, warmth, style and exclusivity are the keywords. Art work in lobbies, elegantly laid furniture; all boutique hotels have their own distinct style. Either the entire hotel is based on a single theme or every room has a different theme, which makes the experience ‘unique’ even for guests who are regulars at the hotel. Again, based on the theme, a boutique hotel may or may not have technological amenities like Wi-Fi or cable TV; if the focus is on relaxation.

Due to a small size, boutique hotels are able to offer exceptional services and all the guests are well looked after. In fact, service is a major distinguishable factor for a boutique hotel and most of them strive to provide the most comfortable stay to their guests.

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