What is a Box Office Flop

Each and every person having an interest in movies has heard the word, ‘box office’. Is there any such office? If yes, then where that is located? No, there is no office with a name box office. However, when a new film releases, each and every one is anxious to know the box office report. Box office report says, whether the film is a hit or a flop.

A box office hit means a movie, which has done well and collected good amount of money. On the other hand, a box office flop means a movie that hasn’t done well. The box office report says how much amount a particular movie has generated.  Not only the money collected, but one can come to know about information like on how many screen the movie is showing and the occupancy rate.

In analogue days, the box office report was not so much important, as it is now. In analogue edge, a film producer sells the rights of showing film to the distributor and then the distributor sells the right to the smaller distributors and then they sell that to the theater owners. The producer of the movie was getting his money up front, no matter the film is a hit or flop.  But the scenario is really different in this digital age. The producer is getting a fraction of the money people spent to buy the tickets of his movie. Theaters and multiplexes are now getting the movie through the satellite and everything is happening a very transparent manner.

If people are not going to watch the movie, then that would be hailed as a box office flop. However, there is no definite parameter to categorize film as box office hits or flops. There is no fixed amount, which should be collected by a movie to be declared as a hit. Thing is same in case of box office flop. Then, how they categorize movies into box office hits and flops? In fact, the financial pundits of movie world estimates or expects the potency of the collection of a movie. If the movie surpass the expectations, then that is called as a box office hit; otherwise, a box office flop.

The critics also play a crucial role in determining the future of a movie. When a film releases, film critics watch the movie, first day first show. Then, they rate the movie on different newspapers and magazines. There are few people, who go to watch the movie by looking at the star cast or the name of the director. But there is a huge population, who goes to watch a movie after reading the reviews of a known movie critic. So, if the critics is not in the favor of a movie, then it is really difficult for that movie to collect good amount of money.

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