What is a Brazilian Wax

It refers to the process of removing hair from the pelvic area, front and back. A thin strip of hair is then left on the pubis. Mostly its preferred by people who wear bikini thongs as it sits comfortably with them. Hair is removed from the buttocks and all adjacent places such as the anus, perineum and vulva. There are those who would prefer to leave a strip of hair which is often referred to as a landing strip. This type of waxing is also referred to as full Brazilian wax, Bikini wax, Sphinx among other names. The Sphinx method often involves removal of all the hair in the pelvic area, the name is acquired from a particular breed of a cat that appears naked which is found in Canada. The cat was always thought to be odd due to its smooth skinned appearance when it was first discovered in Toronto in 1966.Some women prefer to trim their hair on the labia but remove all the hair on the pubis.

The J sisters salon in Manhattan were the first to name this type of waxing as Brazilian in 1987, this salon was founded by seven sisters from Brazil who were usually referred to as Padilha. There are those who claim that the Brazilian style was coined by a letter written to Pero Vaz Caminha which documented Pedro Cabra’s voyage to Brazil during the 1500s.This type of waxing is said to be one of the most controversial method of waxing. Just like most of the methods of waxing it can be painful especially when removing the hair and even after. Intercourse with a bearded partner can be especially painful as their hair is likely to keep pricking the hairless partner.

Lisa Barbuscia an American actress claims that she found it so uncomfortable when the first time she attempted it that she fainted and was almost rushed to hospital. From that painful experience she vowed never to try the Brazilian waxing method again. Its popularity especially in Brazil may highly disagree with such a view as it has been used for generations mostly by their women. Its critics argue that one of the reasons why it’s so popular is because it tends to make older women look younger hence its popularity in the pornographic industry. Other critics have referred to it as unnatural and perverted, there are also those who argue that its one of the methods that pose unnecessary risks to those who engage in it.

In this method warm wax is applied to the particularly hairy area and then it’s covered with some strips of cloth, once the wax is cooled and thus hardened the cloth covering the area is pulled off. This has the effect of pulling the hair out from its roots which can be quite uncomfortable for most people. The pain emanating from the procedure may last up to five days; some people prefer to have it from home using home kits. The procedure has been frowned upon during pregnancy due to the sensitive nature of the genital area which can make it more painful to the expectant mother.


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