What is a Bubble Echocardiogram

Patients suffering from proper functioning of the heart, like oversized heart, atrial septum or leaky valves are suggested with bubble echocardiogram. Echo cardiogram helps the doctors to detect the physical functioning of the heart.

Bubble echo cardiogram is an easy and painless procedure of checking the heart’s functions. However, a doctor always discusses the entire step and the outcome of this checking process of bubble echo cardiogram with his patient before it is actually applied.

What is the work of bubbles in echo cardiogram?

Bubbles are used as medium or rather it can be termed as a technique, where bubbles are created in the salt water (saline) and is injected into the body of the patients. The saline is mixed quickly by taking it back and forth quickly between two syringe, this brings the bubbles in it. Then the bubbles are injected into the patient’s body and its movement along the chambers of the heart is followed.  

What to expect from the bubbles?

After it is decided to include the bubbles in echo cardiogram, it is injected into an IV in the arms of the patients. Echo pictures are taken after that, to follow the pathway of the bubbles.

Is the thing safe?

Bubble echo cardiogram is a safe process, which is totally painless. And contraindications and side effects are rarely observed among the patients. Still if queries exist then proper consultation of the doctor is recommended.


Bubble echo cardiogram is usually followed to detect any hole present between the two chambers of the heart. The hole in the heart may cause high blood pressure or strokes in the lungs.


To start with bubble echo cardiogram, the patient’s heart is ultra sounded to take the image of the heart, which allows the doctors or the medical professionals to detect the condition of the heart without any need for surgery. The testing is usually done by ultra sound physicians who may record the entire or part of the test and take images of the procedure which will be in interest of the physician. In a bubble echo cardiogram at first the cardiogram is done and then the bubbles are injected into the veins of the arms of the patients.

As soon as the saline enters and moves through the heart, the ultrasound physician starts following it. The saline starts doing it work by detecting the problems and highlighting them accordingly.  It focuses the left ventricle, which is the pumping area of the heart and the valves with it. The saline finally gets dissipated with the blood and is drained out of the body as waste materials. Echo cardiogram takes a total of half an hour. The test results can be dealt with various options.

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