What Is a Cable Knit Sweater

A sweater knitted using a cable a pattern is termed Cable knit sweater. The pattern resembled ropes either in braided or twisted forms. There are different styles some of which are quite simple while others are quite complex. Making this type of sweater was started and is still common in Ireland’s Aran Islands. They were hand knit and tradition is a still being maintained at many places. The Irish made Cable knit sweaters go by the brand name of Aran sweater or fisherman sweater.

These sweaters are usually made using raw wool without being washed. The reason for not washing the wool was to use lanolin present in the wool for water proofing the sweater. Even if the sweaters are made with washed wool they are quite comfortable to wear and because they are water resistant. You will be kept warm even in wet conditions. Present day Cable knit sweaters are generally made of wool with the prime purpose of giving warmth to the wearer.

However, currently, these sweaters are made using other materials including cotton. Because of the vast general use, cable knit sweaters come with different designs and styles. Cardigans, crewnecks, etc are some of the styles. They are produced in various colors ranging from black to fuchsia, even though cream continues to be the most favored color for these sweaters. Cable knit sweaters are popular among all classes of people and therefore they are worn by all whether they are children, women or men.

The knitting is done using many techniques. The basic components of the making of the wale and braid, combining these two a series of stitches including crossovers various patterns are made. Home maker ladies in cold countries take to knitting cable sweaters usually during their leisure time and also other sweaters for the members of the family.

Cable knit sweaters come with different names depending on the number of cable braids used. They are known as Saxon braid, Celtic princess braid, and honeycomb. Hats scarves, socks etc; are also made using cable knit technique. In recent times with knitting machines available, a good lot of cable knit sweaters are machine knit. However, hands knit sweaters are still being made especially by homemakers but some of them make a living using this profession.

Further, machine knit sweater have all the plain patterns without any designs. However, many people prefer them because they are less expensive. Whatever is the material or the way the cable knit sweater is made the fact remains that it is a form of clothing essential for keeping you warm in all weather conditions.