What is a Camel Hair Coat

A coat is full sleeve outer garment which typically runs below the hips. Coats come in variety of material depending on the end user and place intended place of use. These can be worn for getting warmth or for purely the purpose of fashion and looks. Coats have two categories undercoat and overcoat but in present times coat is used for overcoats. In present times the undercoats are referred to as jackets. These come in man- made fiber, cotton, blend of man-made and natural fibers and the most famous and demanded material wool. These are mostly worn in formal functions.

A camel hair coat, as the name suggests, is made from cloth which is made from purely camel hair or a blend of camel hair and wool. Since camel hair is quite coarse and lacks flexibility, its ideally used with wool blend. The hair for the fabric to be made for camel hair is collected when camels molt in warm season. Not all camel hair is suitable for camel hair coat fabric. Primarily the double humped camel hair is used for the fabric as it is the only one found most suitable for the coats. The hair is collected, cleaned, spun and woven to form the final fabric from which coats are made. The quality of giving warmth is the quality for which the camel hair is used in coats.

The advantage of camel hair coat is that it can be worn on any location and in any conditions. These go well with trousers and with jeans. You can wear them to the office and also don them in the parties. Wear them with casual look and also wear them in the most formal functions including business meetings. The natural color of camel hair is mostly kept alive and as such the camel hair coats come in natural shades with a little variation added from woolen blends. Hair from underbelly is the preferred choice of hair for the coats as it is the softest when compared to hair from rest of the body of the camel. Some people prefer non blended coats made from camel hair but then the cost tends to go much higher as camels do not shed a lot of hair, typically around 2 kg of hair out of which the hair on the underbelly is least. Hence it takes a number of camels to get soft hair for making cloth enough to fit one man. But then the style it provides is worth every penny.

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