What is a Cameo Appearance

Many filmmakers are often acclaimed for their great films. These incredibly talented writers and directors like come up with novel plots and some extraordinary visual style as well. However, it has also been observed that some people also like to cast a number of famous popular stars in their films. The stars may just step in for cameo films. Sometimes, they may look unrecognizable. Or they may simply step in as some of the characters. But why do stars make such blink-and-you-will-miss appearances. There are no apparent reasons for it and what shocks masses that in some movies a huge number of actors come of giving cameos but it makes no sense or add value to the movie, as people are more bothered about rest of the movie than that small cameo appearance unless the cameo of course is pivotal.

It is not just famous filmmakers who like to give cameos to star actors and celebrities. Many films feature many stars in rather minor roles. Normally, people would miss the roles but the recognizable faces will make these cameo appearances visible. However, often major league actors have appeared whilst being disguised under completely different looks. Celebrity Tom Cruise was unrecognizable as a bald and overweight studio exec in the comedy film ‘Tropic Thunder’. Even Myer did not look like recognizable as a crusty army general in ‘Inglorious Bastards’.

What really urges actors to come in cameos? There are a number of reasons. Sometimes, it is a sheer favoritism or indulgence of the directors to cast their favorite actor in a small role in the film. On other occasions, the cameos will fit in as a good addition to the plot of the film itself. Here, the directors believe that the major actors will fit in with the certain small roles and appearances. Suppose a star plays a cameo in a film. It could be that his presence plays an important role in the film. So, often filmmakers cast actors in cameos, which are small but are also important for the central plot of the film.

Liu is one of the many Asian actors, who are cast in cameos in many Hollywood films. The Japanese actor Ken Watanabe starred in a cameo in the blockbuster ‘Batman Begins’. In this film, he played an important role as well. On the other hand, Hong Kong actor Jet Li has also played some cameo appearances in many Hollywood films.

At times, the directors end up choosing some rather absurd choices. Sometimes, people other than actors are actually cast in cameos in the films. One such instance is famous music legend David Bowie. He has played many movie cameos. A number of WWE wrestlers have starred in blink-and-you-miss appearances. So, for better or worse, these cameos deserve a glimpse.

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