What is a Candy Striper

A candy striper is a term used for the hospital volunteer who is usually a female. This word came in picture in 1940s. They are called candy stripers because they wear red and white striped pinafores. This is how the concept of candy striper came began and the name candy striper was taken from this look of the hospital volunteer. This usually makes the girls look like a candy cane. The goal of the candy striper is to make the patient’s stay in the hospital more pleasant. Initially, the candy stripers used to give the patients their meals and their mails but as the concept of the candy striper became widespread, they started doing some additional tasks of the patient too like helping in feeding the patient, helping them to read. Many things about the candy stripers have now changed.

Nowadays, there are male candy stripers too. Earlier, the candy stripers were trained for few months to make them expert in their tasks. But now, they are trained just for few days and they start working in the hospitals. Candy striper word is not much used now. The word volunteers have gain importance over the word candy striper as the males have also started doing this work. The uniform of the candy striper has also changed a lot and that is why candy striper word has lost its meaning. Nowadays, many of the other tasks like staffing reception areas, filling documents, transporting medical reports, lab reports and medicines from unit to unit are also done by the volunteers. Students, who want to become a candy striper, will find that this job is a great learning experience.

To become a candy striper, you have a strong desire to help and take care of the people. You should visit a hospital and get to know about the various tasks over there. You will be assisting the nurses and doctors in curing the patients. Attend few hours with the nurses and doctors over there and follow their instructions. It will help you to know your job and you will become a good candy striper. If you are under 18, then you need to ask your parents too. Remember that if you are still in school or studying, then your work should become a hurdle in your way of studies. You will have to decide that in which area you want to be a volunteer. Explore all the areas of interests and then decide which way you want to go.

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