What is a Career Fair

Are you out of college and looking for a job? Do you have lot of doubts about career path and decisions? If yes, then a career fair also known commonly as a job fair is the right platform for you to look out for a job that you always wanted or just look out for the shaping trends in terms of company expectation. A career fair is basically in simple terms a scheduled event where a large numbers of employers come together to give an opportunity to the potential applicants to apply for the various vacancies that are available with them and people come there to gather more knowledge about these employers and to look for job opportunities.

A career fair generally is of three types; Community job fairs which are organized by communities for the masses and any employer can participate in it to hire individuals or just to spread awareness about the company for future prospects, College Sponsored job fairs are the ones which are hosted by various colleges together or maybe alone in order to give the students studying there an opportunity to look out for the jobs of their competence and interest and also build an image among the employers for future relationship and tie-ups, Professional job fairs are the ones where unlike the prior two, the employers are looking for certain specific type of employees who have certain kind of experience in the field, but such fairs are still an opportunity to learn a lot by attending them.

A career fair is an opportunity to get your foot in the door, it gives you an easy access to all the employers together at one place which is otherwise not possible, the setup of a job fair is of the sort of stalls lined up under a common roof with company representatives standing behind the desks to help you out with your relevant queries. The desks are stacked with promotional and informational material like flyers, fat letters and bio of the organization and the job vacancies that are available. One can also drop his/her resume at the desks with the representatives for applying for a specific job that they are offering for further communication with them for the same, this way one can also submit a tailored resume to specifically meet the job specifications. One of the upcoming trends in job fairs is the online job fairs that provide the same opportunity online but with a drawback on impersonal communication and the level of interaction. Job fairs have acted as a very important platform for a lot of applicants over the years and one must always visit these for value addition and being up to date with the industry demands and standards.

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