What is a Case Study

A case study is a puzzle which is solved with the help of certain clues. It is a complete description about a particular individual or a certain incident, which should be descriptive in nature. Case studies are normally done on topics which have a problem and the intention of a case study is to find a right solution. Case studies are normally seen in life sciences and social sciences.  In other words, case studies are like the detective stories which share the readers with a problem and the course of finding the solution.

When writing a case study, there are three main basic principles. These principles are research about the case study, the right analysis and the actual writing of the case study. It is on these principles that a case study is formed.

In the research phase of the case study, the purpose of the case study should be known. Information regarding the topic should be searched from authentic sources and also should be clarified whether any other case study is written about the same topic. This analysis at the beginning opens up the existing problems that persist. Hence, the approach in the case study should be to provide a right solution to the problem. Once the topic of study is known, it is right to visit the site or the concerned people for more information.

The second phase of the case study is the analytical phase. This case mostly involves the analysis of the problem that exists. In this stage for the case study, it is recommended to prepare a questionnaire to know the opinions of various people who has an involvement in the problem. The questionnaire should be crisp and every answer should be helpful to reach your goal. You need to find the right people to answer the questions with the right information. In this stage of analysis, delegation of work would be the right method to complete the case study at a faster pace.

Once the analysis of the problem is done, the last phase is the actual writing stage where the collected information is presented in the systematic manner. The case study if presented in the form of sections would create more interest to the reader. The solutions provided in the case study from the analysis should be impartial and should be studied from all angles. This is the method used for writing a case study.

Discussing the problems that persist in form of case studies is very beneficial. This is because the information is well analyzed and the solutions provided are backed with authentic data which is collected from various sources.