What is a Character Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter or Personal letter as it may also be called is a letter that is given to a person which is always positive and by a person who knows them. The main purpose of such letters is to give an introduction about the about whom it is written. If such letter is required for the purpose of employment is has be submitted along with the resume.

Who can write such letters? Anybody who knows them well like neighbors, vendors, clients, teachers and professors for academic purposes etc. The subject of a Character Reference Letter is usually has three paragraphs. The first one contains the ability in which somebody is writing the letter. Second consists of in detail about the potentials of the person stating some examples. Third summarizes all the qualities strongly recommending the person.

The character Reference Letter is totally different from employee reference letter. The latter is more focused on definite talents and skills of the employee who will be joining another company. While the former more likely focuses these issues in a straightforward manner. It is often more casually written when compared to employee reference letter.

A very meek format of a character reference letter comprises of writing a good opening. The opening usually recognizes who has written it and how the person is related to him or her. If this letter is well carved it will definitely help a person to get a job offer. If a person is not employed then the person has to follow these steps to obtain the same:

  • Request for a minimal of one to two character reference letter.
  • He or she can get this letter from any of the following:
    • Recent supervisor of the unemployed person.
    • Supervisor of the recent past usually less than five years.
    • His or her co – worker of equal designation, but from a different department.
  • In such cases the person might need to remind his past employer about his or her accomplishments to be mentioned in the character reference letter.
  • He or she should request the past employer to give the letter on the letter head of the company in word or PDF layout.
  • He or she can also request them to send it across to you at the earliest through email.

The Character Reference Letter is very helpful to any employee particularly if they have lost jobs due to layoffs and trimming down employees of company. Hence a good character reference letter from former employers commending the employee’s merits will definitely help them to get a job for them.

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