What is a Chat Room

Chat rooms are the rooms where people around the world can meet and can communicate with one other. These are electronic chats which are a synchronous form of communication. These are real-time conversations. These are virtual chat rooms where people can talk with each other. You can send the messages to the other people instantly and within few milliseconds, it will be viewable to other people and other people can also send you the messages instantly. Chat rooms are divided according to the different categories. People with similar interests can chat in one room. Instead of speaking, you type messages on your chat window to talk with other people in a chat room.

The major sites which provide chat rooms are yahoo.com, rediff.com etc and almost each and every category of interest are covered while making chat rooms that you can think of. Chat rooms provide informal discussions on a random topic. It can provide immediate feedback and reply from other people. It can be used by students to ask about anything or to take advice from people around the world. Chat rooms are open to everyone and you can use chat rooms just by making an account with the website which is providing that particular chat room. However, you must follow netiquettes in order to chat with other people. Talk politely and calmly.

Don’t use abusive words or don’t talk rudely to anyone. The message you have once sent in the chat room can’t be taken back. So think before you send any message in the message boards. Do not share your personal information with anyone until and unless he is known to you. They can use it in wrong way. Don’t disclose your actual location where you live and where you are going in next few days. You might get theft if some wrong person will come to know about it. You will have to choose a nick name in order to enter into a chat room. Choose a nick name which does not reveal your actual name and is not sexually suggestive. If someone is talking rudely or abusing you or trying to talk about something which is not acceptable just block that person or simply log out. You should not spend long hours in the chat rooms as it is of no use and it can also lead to poor social skills. It can lead to its addiction or obsession. As it is said that excess if everything is bad so use this service in an efficient and an effective way.

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