What is a Chick Flick

When it comes to films, there have been a number of genres. They include action, romance and drama, as well as science fiction. However, there have been some new concepts, which would go on to define certain films more precisely. The new genres have been created with a good consideration of the audiences for such films. The action, gangster and war films are generally considered to be films for the boys. However, as the ads put it, why should boys have all the fun? So, there are some films known as chick flicks. These are films with characters and plots, which consciously aim at the audiences of girls. The slang ‘chick’ refers to a girl. Essentially, these are films to which the girls can relate on a personal level.

We owe the origins of the genre to the sprightly and colorful days of the 60s. This was the golden era of films of gorgeous women, who would go on to be role models for the female audiences. I am talking about evergreen screen goddesses like Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. These would play glamorous and enormously rich heroines, who are grappling with issues of romance with attractive men. These initial chick films had a largely glossy and escapist flavor. However, beneath the pomp and show, such films also portray the normal ambivalence of young women regarding love and attraction.

However, from the 70s onwards, the entire concept of chick films would change. The biggest change would be in the basic model of the central female character. The early heroines were extraordinarily glitzy. But the ladies in the later chick films were found to be real women, facing real problems. They were portrayed in a more realistic and credible light. But the basic gist would remain intact. The chick films would still be films about such women trying to find love and happiness in the midst of complications and problems. This seems to strike a chord with many female viewers and audiences.

In any chick film, the female lead has been usually portrayed by a popular or able actress. In some chick films, the female lead is seen as a young woman with a girl-next-door look. On the other hand, some movies feature good-looking and beautiful girls. However, in most of the early chick flicks, the male protagonist is a stereotype. He is seen only as handsome and attractive.

Chick flicks are more than just about romance and coming of age. Some of the best films are also centered on relationships with other women or on unconventional themes like heroism and crime. Most chick films are known to be flashy and colorful. However, Ridley Scott’s ‘Thelma and Louise’ is a rare chick flick with a dark premise. The film sees two best friends battling a sexist and manipulative world of men, while on a road journey together.


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