What is a Chiropodist

A chiropodist is doctor who gives treatment for ailment of foot. Americans refer the same the podiatrist. The literal meaning of the word is that it is a medicine for foot and hand. However, modern chiropodists confine them to treating ailments of the foot. When looking for such treatment and a specialist for that, it is necessary that you should know the professional name in that country. The profession is practiced by doctors who attend a full time course for getting a medical degree with specialization in chiropody or podiatry.

 Hands on training are essential for those coming out of medical colleges which are usually called a residency. This period enables you to work with your seniors on patient and gain training and patient to work on your own. After successful residency you become a full fledged chiropodist and practice your profession to treat problems relating to the feet and ankle of patients. The first part of the treatment consisted of a visual examination of the affected parts in order to assess the intensity of the problem and diagnose the causes.

 Treatment to the patient is given in different ways depending on the severity of the problem. Starting with application of medicines on the affected parts, it may become necessary to perform a surgery. In order to avoid surgery other methods like physical therapy, use of devices like orthotics to help in the process of full recovery. A chiropodist during his medical course and training gets adequate training to perform surgery and therefore he can do it on patients who are being treated.

 Less serious problems may be removing corns, calluses, foreign objects, are also part of the treatment to be given by a chiropodist. The surgery may include parts to be replaced in the foot. A chiropodist may prefer to practice alone, if conditions permit. However, a general method these days has been for a number of chiropodists to work together at a common place availing of common facilities for surgery etc; and cooperating with each other. This is a more economical method and also enables members to make place look like hospital attracting more patients.

 Even the job of being a chiropodist involves some specialization because of the types of foot problems encountered due to present day condition of the way people live. As a result sports medicine has become a highly specialized for of chiropody. Treatments are not purely related to medicine and surgery of the physical parts but also cover damage to nerves, and deficiencies in the nutritional levels of the patient.

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