What is a Cleft Palate

Cleft palate is the defect in which the upper lip of the new born baby has opening. This defect may cause several problems as the child grows on but it can be treated by the help of a surgery.

A cleft palate is the condition when a person’s lip or mouth is defective as it has an opening at the roof of the lips. It is a defect that occurs at the time of birth or before birth due to some issues. It generally happens at when the baby is in the forming stage inside a mother’s womb. This is because conditions arise when a baby may not form correctly due to some problems in developing inside mother’s womb. Due to this defect, the baby’s mouth may not be formed correctly and it looks abnormal as the lips of general people do not have any opening in between.

Cleft palate is a sort of common problem in the babies of United States of America as every 1 or 2 children among 1000 babies has this problem since birth. It is also frequently observed in the new born Asian and Latino babies. Cleft palate can be very depressing for the person who is affected by it because he usually faces problem in speaking, eating and his face also looks a bit abnormal when compared to those of general human beings. This problem happens irrespective of caste, race, color, country or standard defect may occur during the formation of any baby. Males as well as females bear the same risk. The accurate cause of cleft palate is not yet disclosed by doctors and specialists but they say that this may happen due to illness of mother during pregnancy, drugs and tobacco consumed by mother during pregnancy or due to alcohol.

A positive thing about cleft palate is that its treatment is possible in today’s world. In fact, most of the babies who are affected by it get it treated within 12-18 months after their birth so that they cannot face any problem later on. After the treatment, lips of the affected baby become fine just like normal person’s lips and he does not faces any problem in speaking or sucking when he grows.

Going for a treatment of cleft palate is expensive because the surgery requires attainment of many doctors and specialists but people afford it because it prevents certain risks and problems of the baby that he would have had to face later. Doctors, rather specialists, who are required at the time of surgery of cleft palate, are geneticist, pediatrician, nose or ear physician, plastic surgeon, oral surgeon, orthodontist, dentist, audiologist and nurses. Apart from these, sometimes a psychologist is also appointed so that he can handle and make the patient understand the conditions if he is depressed or shocked.