What Is a Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist can be a male or female nurse who has practiced in a special area of nursing to make him expert in a specific field in a clinical set up. Such nurse, evidently, performs his/her duties with other nursing staff in the clinic or hospital to increase their capabilities to serve with better practice, enhance the level of their productivity and endow with professional advice to help them in performing their clinical duties in a progressive environment. He/she has to serve the people from a society with his/her special practices got from his/her special educations received from the specializing institutions.

The nurse with this caliber must have professional training and expertise in a specific field of treatment of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disease etc. A clinical nurse specialist should also be used to work in different environments in medical field like emergency rooms, operation theatres, intensive care units etc. In other words he/she should be well conversant to the procedures of all kinds in the medical field that includes clinical as well as surgical. Thus a clinical nurse specialist must be versatile in his/her services to be rendered in medical field, whatsoever be the situation comes to him/her.

The routine task of a clinical nurse specialist contains five types of duties that includes teaching, practicing, research, consulting and managing the situations in a clinic or hospital. His/her skills to face a clinical situation should be much higher than a practitioner nurse in the clinic, because he/she had practiced in the more specialized environment during his/her training period.

A clinical nurse specialist can serve in the following clinical practices through his/her specialized knowledge:

  • A population of a society: It relates him/her to the health a group of people in a social environment like women, pediatrics, and geriatrics’ health.
  • A situation: the nurse can serve in certain special situational treatment like that of in operating room, critical care unit, emergency room and several other situations.
  • A specific medical situation or disease: he/she can serve for any of the numerous diseases from which he/she can choose like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and so on.
  • A kind of care: clinical nurse specialist can choose from various kinds of care to become a specialist as the nursing profession has become too much complex. The fields of specialization can be from psychiatric, rehabilitation and many others.   
  • A sort of problem to health: the specialist nurse may focus on pain, wounds, stress and the like problems to ones health.

Thus, a clinical nurse specialist must have extensive training in certain specific field of medical treatment that may be differentiated on the basis of specific group of people from the society, specific situational care, specific disease, specific treatments or specific health problem.