What is a Colonic

Colon therapists normally adopt colonic, a medicine practice, to the rectum to flush out and clean the colon. It is also known as colon irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation. Colonic involves warm and filtered water for flushing out the intestinal tract. Wastes that build up in the colon which are harmful for the general health and digestive used to get removed by colonic therapy.

Why colonic is adopted?

As intestinal tract is not a straight tube therefore there is a high chance of feces to get collected at the twists or bends of the colon. As time passes these feces get harden and become difficult to remove which will get fermented over the time and may be responsible for colon cancer. This will lead to back pain, bloating, bad breath, diarrhea or constipation, skin rashes and acne. Therefore to get rid of these feces or wastes from the colon colonic have to be adopted.

Process of colonic-

Following is the process of colonic adopted by the colon therapist:

  • You have to alter in to a gown and lie on the treatment table keeping your face up.
  • A disposable speculum will get inserted into the anus by the colon therapist.
  • Colon hydrotherapy unit gets connected to the speculum via an extended disposable plastic hose.
  • After that warm and filtered water is released in slow manner into the colon.
  • This warm and filtered water causes peristalsis which means contraction of the colon muscles.
  • Then the feces are forced to get out through the disposable plastic hose into the closed waste system and this force is developed by the peristalsis.
  • The colon therapist and the patient both do not get the smell of the feces as they remain in the close system.
  • Colon therapist will take a look to the feces through the transparent hose and make a remark on the color.
  • During this therapy patient may experience discomfort felling into the abdomen.
  • To facilitate the practice colon therapist may do massage to the patient’s abdomen during the process.
  • This whole practice will not take more than 45 minutes to one hour of time.
  • After the process patients are advised to go for the toilet to clear up the stool and residual water.

There is some confusion regarding colonic and enemas though both are done to clean the colon by warm and filtered water through rectum. But:

  • Lower part of the intestinal tract gets clean by the enemas but entire colon will get clean by the colonic practice.
  • Apart from that colonic has to be done by the colon therapist but the enema is a self administrated process.
  • Colonic involve multiple infusion of water but enema introduce water only one time.
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