What Is a Compound Fracture

Open fracture is the fracture in which bone breaks and penetrates skin causing pain. It requires quick treatment as the affected area can get infected if left untreated.

Compound fracture is the type of fracture in bone which penetrates the skin i.e. broken bones pierces the skin as it breaks. This is generally a painful problem as the sufferer feels tremendous pain as the piece of bone pierces skin. Compound fracture is also known as open fracture because in a compound fracture the exact location of the pierced skin can be completely seen opened. Because of the fact that it opens at the place where fracture takes place, it is very important that the affected person should consult a doctor because leaving it untreated can cause serious damage and problems in future.

Compound fractures are generally the results of big accidents like car accidents, downfall from a height or serious injury while playing games or during sports. Sports such as football contain high level of risk and players may suffer from compound fractures when they perform in this sport. A famous player, Joe Theismann, was affected by compound fracture while playing a game of football that was being telecasted in national television and unfortunately he left this sport after his injury. Like this player, there may be several other players of certain other sports who may face the same situation and feel same pain.

Open fractures demand quick treatment because if it is left untreated, bacteria can affect your skin as it is left opened. These bacteria can create more troubles in healing the injury. Whenever open fracture occurs, people should first cover that area with sterilized gauze so that any harmful bacteria or dirt cannot affect it and increase the pain. It should be noted that this gauze should not be very lose because lose protection may not restrict bacteria from affecting. But at the same time, it should be seen that you have not applied the gauze very tightly also because it can worsen the fracture which will cause more pain and will take more time to be treated. The person who is suffering from open fracture should not use that area in performing any activity because a small hurt at that time will bring big troubles with it.

Open fracture generally brings with it some sort of infections near the affected area. This is considered as a part of open fracture because it is very common in most of the cases. Usually, it takes 2 or a bit more than 2 months to recover from this fracture as this fracture is not at all an easy fracture that can be treated with ease. It requires full concentration of the physician and coordination of the patient.