What Is a Compound Set

There will be many people out there who have been working out and exercising hard in the gym for a prolonged period of time till date. Many of you must have either felt it earlier or may be experiencing a feeling of stagnation right now. It’s as if you have come on a plateau of sorts. This happens when your muscles do not grow at all despite the best of exercises and physical stress that you subject them to. Moreover, the body muscles will even not be as responsive as they were earlier to all the exercises and physical activity during your work out session. This can even lead to a certain amount of pain which can increase leading you to stop exercising or working out and change your workout style totally. Though many times this problem can be solved by just changing the exercises, it is not always so. It is in the latter cases that you require to take a drastic change such s start a compound set.

Let us first try to understand as to what is a compound set exactly:

When a person is exercising, he is performing either of the below listed movements. One is an isolation movement and another is a compound movement of the body or parts of the body. While an isolation movement requires only a single joint to be moved, a compound movement will need multiple joint movements. For instance, while squatting, you require the following body joints to move;

  • Your knees
  • You hips

Similarly, a bicep curl only requires your biceps muscles to be moved. These are the elbow muscles in other words. Let us now gain a deeper understanding of the compound set. In layman terms, the answer to the question, ‘what is a compound set?’ will be:

A combination of exercises when there are two exercises done together is called a compound set. It is basically done to utilize multiple muscles and thus increase the intensity of the workouts. This enables you to move further upwards from the stagnation or plateau point of the muscles. The best compound sets for increasing the muscle’s capacities and do away with the stagnation point will be a pre-exhaust set.

A pre-exhaust set is one where you combine an isolated muscle movement exercise with one that requires compound muscle movement. This is a highly effective combination of work out exercises as it involves complete body movement and that too in such a way that the body or the muscles do not get exhausted. Rather, it increases the capacity of the body to exercise and work out much more and even increases the muscle growth!