What is a Concho Belt

Concho Belt refers to a striking piece of jewelry. This type of jewelry is quite popularly used among the Native American Indians. The word ‘Concho’ have come from the word ‘Conchas’ (a Spanish word used for shell) which are oval disks of silver. These are used in groups for decorating the belt. This belt itself called “Concho Belt”.

The Concho belt is both functional and work of art. The traditional form of concho belt was found among the Dine (Navajo), the Pueblo Tribes of Southwestern United States and it was unique. The Concho belt is made out of braided leather and pieces of silver, which are decorated with gemstones. The leather belt used to be threaded through the slotted center found in it. The earliest form of Concho Belt was a piece full of decorative metals which are round in shape. They are attached over the belts, leather jackets. An individual Concho is lined together with the European Calf leather. These can be moved from one position to another along the strap for better looking.

Concho Belt Characteristics

Concho belt has some separate characteristics which are mentioned below.

  • They are made of heavy-gauge silver.
  • They are simple in design
  • They are hand-made
  • The Concha’s were often hammered out of American silver dollars.

A typical type of Concho Belt is butterfly-shaped spacer which is placed in between each Concho. One of the leading choices among the Golf Belts is Goldsmith golf clubs Concho belts.

Concho belt can be used by both men and women. Generally concho belt is worn through the pant loops or over a skirt or a dress at the waist. There are some large Concho belts, which are hung over the pants regardless of the loops. Mostly the concho belts look gorgeous with jeans. There are wide varieties of concho belt which are of different colors. They also vary in designs. These are highly priced. The price of the concho belt starts from about $25 and it ranges up to $250. These are best suited among the cowboys. With a fashionable western concho belt the cowboys express their attitude which is entertaining. They are a type of standout ornaments for the cowboys.

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