What is a Concussion

Concussion is a temporary change in the brain when it is struck hard suddenly. It lasts for some hours generally but if a severe accident is the reason it may last for few days and weeks too.

Our brain is made up of soft tissue which floats inside the skull or the interior portion of our head’s bones. When our head is struck to something with great speed or gets a blow suddenly our soft brain strikes hard surface of skull which makes the person unconscious for some time. Concussion is the change that occurs to our brain when it is suddenly struck by some object. At this time, it stops thinking or it changes the way of thinking. Sometimes, concussion last for long time like for few days or even weeks but generally it lasts for few hours only.

Most of the times, the reason for concussion is accident from a vehicle and sometimes it happens while playing any outdoor game like football or boxing. Kids consist of the major part of people who suffer from concussion as kids play more games without taking much precaution. According to some statistics, more than 400000 kids go for brain treatment every year which also includes treatment of concussions. Kids suffer from concussion due to sports whereas adults suffer due to bad bike or car accident. Accidents cause concussion which lasts for several days or weeks because in accidents brain is stuck harder than that during sports. When a person is stuck due to accident e should instantly go to hospital for proper treatment otherwise he may have to suffer for long time. He may also have future problems in speaking, learning and even moving because these things need proper attention of brain.

When a person is suffering from concussion he may feel dizziness, weakness on either side of body and loss of copiousness. He may also feel as if he is in between fog and sometimes he feels nauseated. Some even have headache which lasts for hours after he has suffered from concussion. People who have once suffered from concussion may face some problems such as weakness on one side of the body in future. Some people suffer from concussion several times so the family members are asked to stay with the patient every time so that if anything happens it can be noted and reported to the doctor.

After one has suffered from concussion he should never go back to do the same thing again. Like, if accident was your reason of concussion you should not drive vehicles again ever. Apart from this, if you want to prevent concussion you should take certain precautions. You should wear the seatbelt while driving a car, see both sides of road before crossing and wear helmet while playing or riding bike.

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