What Is a Condom

This is usually a preventive device that is made from latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene or lamb intestine and is when people are having sexual intercourse. It is a preventive device as it is known to reduce the probability of spreading and contracting sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhoea,trichomoniasis) and also reducing chances of a lady getting pregnant. It is normally used on a man’s erect penis so as to prevent the ejaculated semen from entering the other person’s body. Of late, there have been condoms that have also been designed for ladies. Apart from being a preventive device, condoms are also useful when collecting semen that is used in infertility treatment. Other uses, that are not sexual, include protecting rifle barrels from clogging and also making waterproof microphones.

Condoms, especially for the male, are inexpensive, have very few side effects and are quite easy to use if instructions are well followed. More attention has to be paid when using female condoms as they are not very common and have more instructions in their use. The use of condoms has brought a lot of strife to couples. Many ladies have complained that in the process of sexual intercourse, the condoms sometimes slip off. This is usually risky for many ladies because they may not be ready to have a baby or they don’t want to contract a sexually transmitted disease. Numerous complaints usually arise from ladies who have uncircumcised men as their partners because the condoms usually slip off during the sexual activity. Fewer complaints have been got from the ladies with circumcised men.

 Here are some basic instructions when using a condom:

  • Pull the foreskin back before you wear the condom.
  • Unroll the condom until it reaches the end.
  • While being steady, gently and slowly push the foreskin on until it is at the tip. This allows for more ‘room for breathing’ during sex.
  • To help with friction issues, you may want to use some lubrication that is water-based.
  • It would be good to try out condoms of various flavours and sizes so as to get the one that gives greatest pleasure and, at the same time, comfort.
  • Sometimes, it gets frustrating when trying to wear a condom and also when using it during sexual activity. One has to be patient. It takes time to learn the tricks. Sometimes when things get heated up, you may feel like slipping it off! BAD IDEA! Do that at your own peril! Just be patient and try out a number of them and for sure you will the ‘perfect’ one.