What is a Constellation

Have you ever done some meditation? One of the best ways to meditate and reflect back on your life is to lie with your eyes facing the glittering stars on the dark sky. It is a much popular past-time with people to count the stars on the sky with their fingers. And if there are a hundred or even a thousand stars scattered together on the inky sky, you can join them together in your eyes and imagine the stars together as funny and amazing shapes and designs. Such games and hobbies have been quite popular over the years. However, it is important that you also understand that there are whole groups of stars across the galaxies and the near-infinite open space. These constellations are the groups which you can see sometimes in the dark skies overhead.

We owe to the brilliant minds of East, especially ancient Babylon to come up with the first-ever extensive studies and observations of the astronomical galaxies in the skies. The studies were taken up as a deep study of the field of astrology rather than pure scientific astronomy. The observations of the Babylonian Bronze Age reveal that many of the first-ever Zodiac figures and signs were modelled on the reportedly observed constellations or whole groups of stars across the galaxies. However, most of the constellations were observed or sighted upon with the use of crude and rather simplistic devices and instruments. So, it was left to other great races like China or Greece or even Arabia to observe some of the now-well-known constellations in the entire galaxies and skies.

However, while a lot of effort had been undertaken to study the sudden proximity between the stars on the skies, nothing has been proved scientific or coherent. It had been noticed by a long time that the stars lie at a great distance from the planet Earth. They are observed by people to be quite close to each other. However, like most of the astronomical illusions, the truth is that these stars do not really form groups or constellations in the galaxies.There are some notable exceptions to the rule. One is the Ursa Major constellation. This constellation is really a cluster of stars which are at a great proximity with each other. So, the Ursa Major constellation is not just a glitzy illusion. It is also a real group of stars up their in the skies and heavens.

Constellations and their amazing, spell-binding designs and shapes have also been much referenced in some ancient studies of the weather and astrology as well. One such example is that of the Dark Cloud Constellation. This constellation has been famous as it is generally observed in its shape when it is backed by the dark clouds in the skies. Many tribes and local communities have consistently observed the constellation in the Northern skies and have attached its importance to both weather and astrology. The constellation has appealed a lot to the Aborigines in Australia. They have identified different segments and sections of the constellation as a whole shape of the bird known as an emu. So, this shows how people attach so much love and enthusiasm for the constellations on the sky.

The constellations are the clusters of stars and other shining heavenly objects in the galaxies which are commonly observed by us, mere Earthlings. Though the stars may be in groups, in reality, they are quite distant from each other. However, there are some constellations like the Ursa Major which are actual groups or clusters of the stars. Many constellations are favored as signs of astrology and even indicators of weather conditions.