What is a Cord of Wood

Every purchase we make is subject to measurement. Be it vegetables in kilograms, fuel in liters, cloth in meters or even a house in square feet. These measurements help in setting a benchmark for our quantity and calculate the amount of money that needs to be paid in proportion to the quantity. But did you know that even a purchase of firewood has a measurement? Yes, it is called a “cord”.

A cord is a unit to measure wood and a cord of wood means the amount of wood that is stacked up tight and parallel to occupy a volume of 128 cubic feet. In otherwise when a pile of wood is arranged compact in the dimensions of 4 feet each of width and height and 8 feet in length, it becomes a cord of wood. There are various types of terms used in the context of cords namely standard cords, full cords, face cords, loose thrown cords, Sheldon cord and some more too. Standard or full or bush cord refers to the pile accounting to 4×4 feet width and height with 8 feet length and covers a volume of 128 cubic feet. A face cord on the other hand will refer the wood that is cut, split and stacked in the height of 4 feet and length of 8 feet with a width of 16 feet which is exactly the size of pieces of the firewood whereas a Sheldon cord is much bigger than a full cord and could be of varying sizes.

A cord of wood when purchased should always be insisted to be stacked really tight with less space for air so that the energy of each cord is enhanced. Hence you should try and avoid those sellers who supply wood in random piles. Another drawback by not insisting on cord is that the buyer cannot have an exact count on the number of wood that is kept in the pile and hence provide the chance to get misleaded. Therefore the best way is to ensure the wood in the cord by directly visiting the supply yard and arrange for your own vehicle to pick up the same. Cord has a greater significance in countries like Canada wherein there are laws regulated on firewood transactions to protect the interest of the consumers and to take care that they aren’t really cheated.

The choice of wood should be carried out with care. Afterall, your money is at stake and if any thing goes wrong with your choice then you are going to end up paying heavily for nothing.

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