What is a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a very common term in the corporate world. When candidates apply for various jobs, they invariably send a cover letter with their resume. The cover letter can be defined as a document that is sent along with a resume which provides more information about your experience and skills in the field.

A cover letter supplies extra information on why you are the best candidate for the said job. It speaks for you as to why you are the best qualified in the business to handle the job. In short, a cover letter plays the role of an advocate for you.

It will not be exaggeration to say that the cover letter is the most certain chance to make a lasting impression on your future employer. Make sure that you have written the best cover letter possible that can win the job for you.

The Dos in preparing a cover letter

  • An effective cover letter should state reasons for the interest you have in the post as well as the organization you are aiming to be a part of
  • The cover letter should speak pointed thoughts about the position you applied for
  • You can review other cover letter examples elsewhere on the internet to get an idea of how a cover letter should be written. It would be better if you study the same letters that are connected to your field. It will help you prepare your letter much better
  • Remember, when you prepare a cover letter, it is the trivial things that can have a big impact on the decision of your employers
  • You should choose the correct letter format as well as the presentation. Why it is important to choose the correct format is because, there are a lot of varieties of such letters which you can send to your would-be employers
  • Design the cover letter specifically for the position you have applied for
  • If you have applied for different positions (at the same time), make sure to customize the cover letter for each position
  • Prepare your cover letter professionally. If needed, hire a freelancer to write one for you

The Don’ts in preparing a cover letter

  • Don’t prepare a cover letter in a hurry
  • Never use a generic cover letter for more than one job
  • Don’t mention sir or ma’am if you are not clear about the identity of the person you are writing too
  • Don’t make your cover letter too long
  • Don’t use fancy words in your cover letter
  • Don’t underestimate or overestimate yourself

A cover letter can make or break your job. You must be very careful while preparing a cover letter. You might be quite a qualified person for a given job. But, if your cover letter is bad, then there is very less chances of your selection. So, don’t take the matter of a cover letter in light manner.

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