What is a Coverlet

The bed is a place where most of us spend almost one third of our lives. Wondering how? Because all us who believe in sleeping atleast 8hrs a day will end up spending one third of the life on bed. So why not make that part of the life, comfortable and stylish by getting on to bed with a cozy linen hug. The textile industry of bed linen these days come out with all kinds of innovative ideas put into them thereby making it little confusing to choose an appropriate bed linen that can set your bed into a luxurious place. With a wide range of bedspreads available, how many of you are aware of what a coverlet is?

The term coverlet is derived from two French words which mean “to cover” and “bed”. A coverlet, also referred as coverlid is a fabric covering over the bed and is similar to the normal bedspreads we use, except for its light weight. Infact it is also known as a quilt coverlet, which comes as a bed topper and is designed more for decoration, exposing the bedskirt. These coverlets present beauty, classic finish and visual warmth to your bedroom. The trend of using such decorative covers for beds started way back in the 19th century and is still in vogue, though there are people who prefer heavy weight bedspreads which take care of both decoration and warmth.

Coverlets come in wide range of fabrics and styles, and the most common ones are woven coverlet and quilted coverlets. Woven coverlet is a type of coverlet with woven design in colored wool weft (yarn that runs across the warp) on a cotton or natural linen warp (lengthwise yarn) background. The wool used is most often dyed to arrive at shades of dark blue, red and brown. These woven coverlets come in two different patterns namely overshot weave coverlets and double cloth coverlets. The former is woven with undyed cotton warp and dyed woolen weft with repeated geometric patterns. Whereas the latter, double cloth coverlets are double woven which has two sets of warps and wefts that are interconnected and the wool used is often dyed. There are also summer- winter coverlets which come dark on one side and light on the other side and it is woven with just a single layer of cloth, thereby being lighter when compared to double-cloth coverlets.

While a bedspread covers the complete bed with sides extending till the floor and also enough space at the top to cover the pillows, a coverlet comes as a smaller version which extends halfway to the floor without covering the pillows. However matching decorative shams come in place of pillows.

The care for the wide ranging coverlets differs from one another. However most of them are machine safe and forget not, any linen washing must be done only in accordance with the washing instructions given on its label.