What Is a Cowlick

Most people have a section of hair that tends to go against the grain of their hair style especially when it’s newly shaved. This is referred to as a cowlick and often stands up straight or lies at an angle odds with the rest of the air. They mostly appear when hair growth direction has a spiral pattern, this term originated from the idea of cows licking their young ones resulting in an curly pattern on their furry coat. Cowlicks are most common on the crown though they are likely to be found elsewhere such as at the back of the head or front.

Hair tends to grow in a circular pattern from the centre; whorls are hairs that rotate round a central point. At the very centre of the whorl, hair begins to change direction, this can be observed from the top of the head where the hair tends to grow towards the front. On the back of the head the hair grows heading towards the nape while hair on both sides of the head automatically grows towards the respective sides. At the central point of the whorl the hair is often flattened so the scalp is often visible. Mostly everyone has two whorls though only one can be easily visible while the second is less visible. The hair at the whorl is often troublesome because it tends to protrude most of the time thus going against the general grain of the rest of the hair. When the hair at the world is combed against the grain it will definitely stand up.

In case the hair is left on to grow long the whorl hair creates a flat pattern, when shaved closely it tends to stand up. Its easier to observe cowlicks on people with thick straight hair as the scalp often shows in the centre of the whorl as the light is able to penetrate to the very centre of the whorl. This phenomena tends to affect both men and women the same though whorls in women may not be visible as their hair may be longer thus hidden unlike in men who keeps a shorter hair. Cowlicks are irritating to most people because of how they go against the general trend of the hairstyle. Several methods are in order for taming unruly cowlicks, these can take the form of hair products, styling technique or a combination of all the methods to arrive at the best alternative. Other methods that are longer term include cosmetic surgery, electro logy and even waxing.

People who don’t need to engage in managing the cowlick can engage the services of a good barber hair stylist who is able to style their hair in such a way that the whorl is not so visible to others. At the same time the style the individual prefers to wear their hair determines whether the whorls will appear as a hairless patch or it will add to enhance the person’s hair style. Some people are more apt in managing their cowlicks better than other depending on how their style their hair.