What is a CPU

CPU is the Central Processing Unit. CPU is the brain of the computer. Without a CPU, your computer cannot do anything. CPU is responsible for carrying out all the internal instructions in the computer. Most of the people think that the outer box or case is called a CPU but it is not true. If you want to see the CPU, you will have to open that outer box and see inside it. There are many components which make a CPU like motherboard, various chips and memory slots. ROM and RAM are the elements of the CPU which are 2 types of memory. ROM is read only memory and RAM is random access memory. The contents in the ROM cannot be changed.

The contents can only be read. This is permanent memory. ROM is non volatile that means the contents in ROM will remain there even if you switch your system off. While the contents in RAM can be read and you can also write and update the content stored in it. It is volatile in nature as the contents will remain in this memory until the system is on. Once you will switch it off, it will lose all its contents. CPU also contains hard drive that stores all the data in your computer. It provides quick access to the data that is stored in your system. CPU has a fan inside it to keep it cool as it can become very hot when you are working on the computer. The speed of the CPU matters a lot. So whenever you are going to buy a system, you should always consider the performance rate of the CPU. If it is slow then the overall performance of the system will suffer badly.

The instructions will be carried out slowly and it can even get hanged again and again. A CPU is the only part of the computer where all logics take place. A CPU first fetches the instructions which are in the human readable form. It converts it into the machine language. Then it applies the logic and calculates the instructions. When it is done with the calculation of the instructions, it again converts the machine readable form of instruction into the human readable form and sends it to the user. If the speed of your CPU will be fast, then the performance of your system will also be more efficient. So always look for a system with a fast processor if you are about to buy a computer.

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