What Is a Crewneck

A shirt without a collar or a sweater having a round neck is typically called a crewneck. The fabric for making the neckline for a crewneck is usually ribbed and comes as separate piece and stitched on to a sweater or shirt. The reason for the name is quite obvious because such attire was used by crews of boats. The crewneck can also be used to indicate the name of the garment.

Though the crewneck has round necks the name cannot be used to describe any blouse, sweater or shirt with a round neck. The crewneck is distinguished by the snug fit at the neck. Women’s tops have different types of necks. They are called scoop necks, ballet necks, roll necks etc. some of them can be worn by men also. However, the crewneck is different from all these.

Yet, like in all matters of dress and fashion the crewneck also has its own variations. These variations bear different names and only indicate slight differences with other types. For example, the Henley shirt has a round neck without a collar but with a few buttons in the front. That means there is an opening at the neckline and also that extra material is needed at the folds of the opening. The buttons have to be fastened to give the look of a crewneck.

Another variation in the crewneck category is called mock neck. Mock turtle neck also refers to the same type. As the name suggest the neckline of the shirt or sweater is at a higher level and part of the neck covering with only head visible outside the garment. The fabric itself does not have any extra fold or roll. Variations in crewneck have been extended to undershirts; you get T- shirts and sleeved shirts also as crewneck. Tank tops have also a crewneck variety. They usually resemble T-shirts without sleeves.

Crewneck can be of any traditional material from cotton, nylon or wool. The versatility of the crewneck is evident because both men and women can use the crewneck with great comfort. There is great variety also like V-neck, cardigan, or button down. They can be worn for formal use or even for sports.

The material used will have a bearing on the use to which you put the crewneck.  Everyday wear with crewneck is very comfortable especially if they are made of cotton. For sporting activities and outdoor work the crewneck is eminently suitable. The shirt with a collar and a crewneck sweater is a wonderful combination giving the wearer a business like look.