What is a Cult Film

Films are an integral part of entertainment these days. A cult film, also popularly called as the cult classic is one such film that is devoted to a specific group of fans. Such films, although have failed to make success outside the fan base, have become popular amongst the specific group.

However, it does not imply that each and every film dedicated to a fan base is termed as a cult film. Cult films usually step outside the traditional modes of cinema and thus relate to topics that are not a part of the regular films. However, in a few instances, the topics can also relate to normal ones. Most of the cult films that are developed have individual sponsors and thus and are not expected by the creators to become successful. Often at times, the audience responds in a way that is actually not perceived by the film makers. In such a case, it is apparent that the cult film has not made its mark to the desired expectation of the viewers. Audiences are the ones which determine that a particular movie is a cult or not, as filmmakers can just make the movie, the rest of the thing lies in the hands of audience.

Although cult films are designed to offer something different, they can also be based on themes that are common to regular films and thus grab attention of the common population. A film can be related to a studio and at the same time be a cult film, if it had failed to achieve the success expected by the studio, and yet it has made its mark amongst the small group of fans who throng for such films. Although the film doesn’t make it big on the screens, the video runs for such films are enormous and the copies made are in large when compared to the other normal films.

It is also well known that the content of a certain kind of film can determined if the film is a cult film irrespective of the studio to which it is affiliated or the budget that is involved. There are many such movies in the market that can be considered to be a cult film irrespective of the actors and the story that is involved. A few instances of such movies would be the case where the audience felt that the movie was more of a comedy, when it was actually intended for an audience of a specific taste. Also, besides the story and the make, certain movies of the eastern hemisphere can be more of a cult film to those in the west and it certainly depends on the expectations of the individuals whether to treat a film as a cult film or not.  

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