What is a Cummerbund

The cummerbunds are the essential part of the single-breasted jackets worn generally during dinner. British military personnel in India first wore the cummerbunds as the substitute of waistcoat and thereafter it spread among the entire civilization. Nowadays, we often perceive it as the essential component of semi-formal black tie wardrobe malfunction. Actually, the cummerbund is a specific type of wide band encircling the waist. It’s available in a broad range of colors matching with the specific type of black tie. After it’s acceptation as a dressing component in civilized society, it first represented itself as the inseparable component of the informal summer dinner jacket and black tie. During the initial stage, it represented itself in a fine range of colors matching with the black tie. The other colors came later include midnight blue, and maroon, etc. as they match the trousers. It’s also true that bow tie always matches trousers and was never maroon in color.

The cummerbunds have the facility to hold various types of things in it. It’s the indispensable part of the blue muddle and evening mess uniform of US army. The contemporary use of it is to deliver the transition between the shirt and waistband. It has now too much common to wear cummerbunds with colored bow ties. Moreover, the musicians in recent time wear it with white tie in comparatively less informal style. Sometimes they use white cummerbunds instead of traditional Marcella waistcoat. Majority of the men wear it as the necessary waistband in their formal wardrobe. Normally in men’s formal clothing the cummerbund didn’t get any place as they wear a special waistcoat with formal white tie. Nevertheless, in semi-formal men’s wardrobe it has an incredible role as it suits beautifully with the semi formal tuxedo coat along with matching pants, tie, and dress shirt. It there adds a fleshy and flair look to it. It can easily hide the fitting fault of the rented suit.

The cummerbund is the accessory wearing for the men’s only. Women don’t use cummerbund as accessory cloth in their dressing. Cummerbund is not one of the purposeful dressings; we use this as the accessory part of our dressing. However, the military takes the cummerbund obligatory as an imperative part of their dressing. They use a plate like cummerbund with their dress in the waist part of the body. The users of cummerbund sometimes don’t recognize the precise name of this item. Though they’re familiar with this dress accessory still, sometime don’t know the actual name of this accessorily used dressing elements.

There are some misleading spellings with the word “cummerbund”. The atmosphere causes to change the dress style accordingly. The citizens of nations those face hot days for long due to summer try to wear light cloths. The public of several countries have a different cultural dress those are formal dress for them. However, in other countries these dresses may not be usual. There are some countries those are familiar with cummerbunds since long. People of the countries like Burma are too familiar with this item well.

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