What Is a Cyber Cafe

Try and imagine the situation back in the 90s. The Internet had been newly launched to people. But it was damn expensive to set up an Internet connection for many people living in arenas like China and India. The heavy cost was due to poorly developed Internet networks in such countries. Also, the computers and other devices were not so affordable for people. But soon, thanks to the initiative of the governments and telecoms industry, the Internet connections were strengthened and built more expansively. These changes soon changed the world. But let us not forget the convenience which cyber cafes provided us back those days.

The entire concept of a cyber cafe is rather simple. The cyber in the name comes from the Internet facility included inside the Internet cafe. There are computer consoles, which have been arranged for customers. They can come and browse the Internet. Often, there are also cafes or cafeterias, where the customers can eat and drink. The rates for the use of computers will vary according to the time for which the Internet facility is used.

Cyber cafes had initially been considered as the signposts of technological development. Here, people came to use a better and more stable Internet facility for reasonable prices. Back home, people could not gain such benefits. They would manage to set up Internet connections. However, in those days, the network structure was weak and unorganized. So, these connections would not work, despite the heavy expenses. So, cyber cafes offered people the chance to enjoy smoother and faster Internet browsing with a reasonable price. The attached cafes and eateries provided some leisure for the customers as well.

The surge of cyber cafes began primarily in US and Canada. Canada’s first ever cyber cafe was named as the Binary Cafe. This cafe was launched in June 1994 to the Canadians for widespread use. From these developed countries, the facility of Internet cafes also spread to other nations like Brazil, China and India. Soon, the thriving business of Internet cafes also paved the way for stellar technological advancements. Initially, the cyber cafes were endowed simply with the basic Internet connections. Now, they can provide people with faster Internet facilities like Wi-Fi, Broadband and Triband connection servers.

The problem with most cyber cafes soon materialized into better security safeguards or made things troublesome for the owners. This problem was the lack of security. It was found out that many customers use the cyber cafes to browse pornographic content on websites. Later, the security agencies linked cyber cafes as accessories used in terrorist plots in big cities. The owners of these cafes improved the security safeguards. However, by now, the novelty had begun to fade away. People could now set up efficient and fast Internet connection cheaply and inexpensively. So, they did not need to go to cyber cafes that often anymore.