What is a Cyber Victim  

What is a cyber crime? It is any crime that is committed in respect of the computer systems or the Internet. Some of the most common cyber crimes include spam, computer hacking and email fraud. These crimes are offences which affect the innocent users of the computers and Internet facilities. People can get their personal accounts and details hacked and infiltrated by people. Their personal information will be badly misused by the people. Moreover, people’s computers and devices could also be infested by viruses and malwares. So, such problems could cause more serious trouble for people who rely heavily on computers and other devices.

So, who would be a cyber crime victim? Evidently, the victim of a cyber crime would be an individual whose work and lifestyle has been affected with such a crime. Some person would use the Internet and their computer programs for different purposes. Their work and leisure would be adversely ruined for once and for all. So, a cyber crime victim should know all about the different crimes and what to do for protection.

There are a number of cyber crimes, which will end up in misuse of the data of people. These crimes are mostly cyber hacking. There are entire groups of hackers who operate in unison to hack into and misuse the data of people. The hackers manage to get the email addresses and secret passwords. They can thus infiltrate the personal vaults of data and misuse all the data stored in these accounts. Such a crime is a major scam for people. They may lose a lot of money as well. So, a victim of cyber hiking is one who suffers from any financial shortcoming.

Another cyber crime is that of infecting the computer systems and Internet programs and applications with plenty of viruses and malwares. Such a crime could be spam. The spammers will send messages to your e-mail account from different and unclassified addresses and IDS. These messages will carry potential viruses and malwares. As a consequence, people will face many problems in running their computers. They may try to repair the problem by drastic measures. However, in repairing these problems, the loss of data will also be a result as well. A lot of personal data will be lost forever. 

So, what should a cyber crime victim do for such problems? He or she should really equip the computer or laptop with the best anti-virus software program. The good anti-virus software program will help to keep your computer and Internet applications safe against the severe malwares and viruses. Then, it is also important that you have upgraded the security of your account. There are several e-mail accounts, which allow you to keep your personal data more safely. So, these security measures should be complied with from time to time, if you want to keep clear of such crimes.


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