What is a Daith Piercing

People usually pierce the ear lobes with the intention of wearing ear rings. The latest fashion trends have made women getting their ears pierced at different spots on the ear lobe. One of these latest trends is that of daith piercing. It is piercing the ear cartilage closest to the ear canal. If the spot is chosen well the result of piercing may not be visible outside. Any jewelry fitted on the piercing will be visible partially. Since the piercing is done very close to the ear canal it should not be done by any ordinary person. There are professionals who get training in special piercing including daith piercing.

Prerequisite verification before going for piercing

Here are some points which are to noted and must be given a good thought before going daith piercing. Daith piercing is associated with a delicate region of our ear and any miscalculation can bring a wholesome of infectious diseases. So, it is imperative to know and understand the criticality of certain  factors before piercing your ear cartilage or daith.

Check the professional:

A trained and experienced person should be allowed to do daith piercing. Not all people have the cartilage large enough for it to be pierced and still people are persistent in getting it done. Even the trained and experienced person doing this work has to be extra cautious to prevent any damage to the inner part of the ear.

Risk behind daith piercing:

The exact location for the piercing is the fold of cartilage which is quite thick and is in front of the ear canal. The inner part of this cartilage is where daith piercing is done. Piercing in areas other than the normal spot like the inner fold of ear cartilage is also referred to as daith piercing.

Apparatus used for Daith Piercing:

The piercing cannot be done with a straight needle and it is easier to work with a needle with a curvature. After the piercing and healing the jewelry has to be chosen carefully to be accommodated in the space available without causing discomfort.

Intensive care required to avoid dirt:

Care should be taken during the time healing takes place. Accumulation of dirt should be prevented and cleaning the area with cotton pads soaked in salt water is the easiest way to do it. Holding the pads on the pierced part like a poultice will be good for the healing process. If it is possible you can also clean the area by washing it a number of times by antimicrobial soap. This will help greatly to reduce swelling and will result in healthy healing. Collection of dirt at the pierced spot is dangerous because the dirt may enter the ear canal.

Beware of infections:

The piercer has to be careful so that he chooses the spot correctly to ensure that ear wax gets a natural passage. Therefore, even after the healing is over, getting the area cleaned at regular intervals by gentle swabbing is essential. Infection should be prevented and if it happens it should receive immediate medical attention so that the ear is not damaged. It is advisable to seek the help of a good doctor.    

Hence, these points cannot be overlooked as daith piercing is not an ordinary piercing. Even every skilled piercer will confirm you before going for the process. 

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