What Is a Data Bus

Data Bus is a group of electrical wires which are used to send and receive data between two or more components or from a computer to another external device. It is mainly developed for the purpose of transforming the information. Data Bus contains the contents that have been read from the memory location or are to be written into the memory location. In personal computers the data bus refers to internal bus. The Data bus can also be used to connect two or more computers. It is also referred as a bus that connects the internal computer components to the CPU and main memory. (Bus is a common wire connecting various points in a circuit). The data bus carries digital information.

A data bus has many different defining characteristics and one of the most important is its width. The width of a data bus refers to the number of bits that make up the bus. Common data bus widths include 1 bit, 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, and 64-bit. It is a group of wires connecting different parts of a circuit with wire carrying a different signal. The data bus is connected to the inputs of several gates and to the outputs of several gates.

The data bus was earlier referred to the bus system which had been developed electronically for the purpose of information transfer with the help of the conductors being attached with it. The data bus can be used for many different purposes. A data bus may be time multiplexed to serve different functions at different times. This can be done as at any time only one gate may drive information onto the bus line but several gates may receive it. This type of bus is referred to as a bidirectional data bus as information may flow on the bus wires in both directions.

There are many types of data buses which can connect the PC to the mobile and other external device in order to download software’s. Thus data bus is a media which is used to transfer the data from one place to another with a number of width sizes available. Data Bus is also known as a processor bus, a front side bus, a front-side bus or a backside bus.